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Main Shop

Book Shop

• Furniture &

   Art Shop


An unequaled collection of

books, music, CDs and DVDs.


We have thoughtfully sorted

and assembled a wide variety for your enjoyment and perusal. Take some time to visit... you'll be glad you did!

A Book Lover's

Dream Come True

• New & preowned books

• Vintage & rare books

• Children's books

• DVDs & CDs

• Vinyl records

    & other media

Information: (831) 626-0448

• Mid Month and

   End-of-Month Sale

  50% off all items in the

   Book Shop

• Weekly Book Sale

​    Mon 10:00 am–4:00pm

    Wed 1:00pm–4:00pm

• Outside Table Book Sale

   Red-Slashed Books

   All 50% off Daily

Please note that some books are also sold in the Main Shop.

The schedule of sales for these books is the same as in the Book Shop.

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