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Nonprofit YBR Grants Information


The new tri-annual (every four months) grants schedule is as follows:

     •Please note Cycle One dates:

       a. Grant Submission: Oct-2022 thru Jan-2023

       b. Grant Review: Feb-2023

       c. Grants Paid: Mar-2023


All applicants must: 


  • Be a Monterey County organization

  • Have 501 (c)(3) status with supporting documentation

  • Have been established for at least one year

  • Provide your most recent annual budget

  • Use online Grant Application System

      (see form on the main Grants page)


The required submissions: 


  • Your online request 

  • Evidence of 501(c)(3) status

  • Income statement & Balance sheet for last 12 months

  • Annual / project budget 

Grant Categories


YBR Cycle Two grant priorities have been expanded.  Our focus is on areas in which we see the greatest need in our community:


   a. Food

   b. Housing

   c. Medical 

   d. Mental health

   e. Education

   f. Arts

Important Notes:

  • Grants are not available to individuals

       or businesses.

  •  Applicants may apply only once in a

       12 month period

  • If your organization has never received 

      a grant from Yellow Brick Road,     

      additional time may be required.

  • Applicants will be notified via email of:

      a) Receipt and status of application

      b) Approved grant amount, if any, after board


      c)  Payment plan: one-time or installments


To ensure best use of YBR grant funds:


Once funded projects are completed, grantees

will be asked to provide feedback about how

grant funds were used and what was achieved

as a result. Details will be provided in the grant

award letter.

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