Addressing Health Concerns of the Coronavirus

We will be reman closed through April 14th

and plan to reopen on Wednesday, April 15th

Yellow Brick Road Family,


To best serve our Volunteers, Staff and Customers, we will remain closed through April 14th and plan to reopen on the Wednesday, April 15th. We will keep you updated as state and federal announcements develop. 


The Covid-19 outbreak continues to create an ever changing look at the near future for all of us.


We have our YBR family to thank as a source of hope, strength, and unity in this crisis.  We will continue to stand together, as we have for more than 30 years, helping each other and this wonderful Monterey County community we call home.


Know that the Yellow Brick Road will be there to serve on the other side of all that is before us.


We will get through this as strong families always do!



The Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road is an
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Carmel Presbyterian Church
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