History of the

Yellow Brick Road Benefit Shop

In 1988 Shirin Snyder, the wife of Pastor John Snyder, had a dream. It was to have Carmel Presbyterian Church brought closer into contact with the Community of the Monterey Peninsula; establish a Christian

relationship with more people in a meaningful way; and in so doing, to use the many varied talents of our congregation to work together in harmony for God.


A group of women from the church collected gently used clothing items and made them available to those in need.


In the 30 years since we've been open the Yellow Brick Road has grown more than four times the original store size and given back over $6.5 million in Grants and Scholarships to the Monterey Community.


In 2015 an additional property space was added for a Furniture & Art Shop, just around the corner from the Main Shop. In the same year the Book Shop became a separate dedicated space in the building next to the Main Shop.


From feeding and clothing those in need, to providing Scholarships for deserving kids furthering their education, to helping literally hundreds of charities and non-profits with Grants... The Yellow Brick road is an oasis where so many come to be refreshed and renewed.


Today, Yellow Brick Road employs 1 general manager and 12 staff to work alongside more than 90 dedicated shop volunteers. Our Board of Directors consists of 12 volunteers.


Interested in joining our Volunteer Family?

You're always welcome!

What an Accomplishment!

We are happy to report that our 30th Anniversary event was a great hit in all three stores Saturday, June 8!
It was a busy day, but we had fun, the customers enjoyed it all and our sales totals were phenomenal!!! 
We couldn't have done it without those special volunteers, staff & the board members who took part in preparing for it and pulling it off!

What does success feel like? I'd have to say it feels like The Yellow Brick Road and the warmth of all those that involve themselves in it on a daily basis!

Thank you to everyone, 
and here's to 30 more years of successful endeavors at YBR!!!

The Main

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Map of Location of YBR Shops
Mission Statement
To serve as a witness of faith in Christ’s purpose, Yellow Brick Road changes lives by operating charity retail outlets
and donating the proceeds for scholarships and to organizations that meet the physical, social and other basic needs
in the communities of Monterey County.
Yellow Brick Road is an outreach minitsry of
Carmel Presbyterian Church 
 The Yellow Brick Road is
a 501 (c)(3) Organization.
Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed.
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