Yellow Brick Road awards college scholarships annually to Monterey County high school

graduates entering accredited colleges or trade schools

When the application process begins in 2020 we encourage students to submit their applications at least one week prior to the deadline which is April 15th at midnight. They should allow themselves sufficient time to complete the application and gather needed documentation. Partially completed applications are not reviewed.

Please Note: Handwritten applications and essays are not accepted

For all questions, please email:

Scholarships Director - Lynn Holt




  Applicant must be a Monterey County high school student and a resident of Monterey County.

  Personal letters of recommendation are required as evidence of Christlike character         and active participation in a Christian Church Program.

  Applicant must be entering an accredited college or trade school in Fall 2021.

  An official transcript as evidence of academic effort and achievement is required.

  A FAFSA SAR (Student Aid Report) must be attached if the request is need-based.

  Applicant must be able to attend the award ceremony at Carmel Presbyterian  

    Church at both services on May 17, 2020, which will be 9:15-11:15am.

We recognize the importance of Christian character to the growth of the church, and wish to assist the academic, spiritual, and community efforts of our young people upon

acceptance to the college of their choice.

Yellow Brick Road is an
outreach ministry of
Carmel Presbyterian Church
A 501 (c)(3) organization
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