Empowering Change and
Building a Stronger Community

Our Mission

To serve as a witness of faith in Christ’s purpose

Yellow Brick Road changes lives by operating charity retail outlets and donating the proceeds for scholarships and to organizations that meet the physical, social and other basic needs in the communities of Monterey County.

Commitment to Monterey County

 Our three benefit shops serve as the cornerstone of our funds for our scholarships and grants. Through the net proceeds of all sales in these shops, we are able to provide essential grants to carefully selected charities. These non-profits offer critical services, addressing vital needs and improving the quality of life for individuals and families in Monterey County. 

Scholarship and Grant Programs

Our scholarship program supports dedicated young individuals who require assistance to continue their educational journey. By offering scholarships, we empower students to pursue their dreams and unlock their full potential, contributing to a more prosperous and equitable society.  Our grant program serves our community by providing financial support to nonprofit organizations making a meaningful difference in the lives of Monterey County residents. 

Celebrating Our Achievements

Yellow Brick Road has received prestigious awards, including “Best Thrift Store” by Monterey County Weekly, “Best Vintage Clothing” by Carmel Pine Cone, and the “Others Award” from the Salvation Army. We have also been recognized as an “Outstanding Philanthropic Service Organization” by the Association of Fundraising Professionals in California multiple times. These honors affirm our dedication and impact on the community.