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Empowering Community Impact through Grants

Welcome to the Yellow Brick Road Grant Program!

Important Information

Welcome to the Yellow Brick Road Grant Program. We are committed to serving our community by providing financial support to nonprofit organizations making a meaningful difference in Monterey County. Our grant program uses a tri-annual cycle, ensuring a fair and efficient process for all applicants.

Explore the guidelines for submitting your grant application and ensure you meet the requirements for eligibility. We provide detailed instructions to help you navigate the application process smoothly. 

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Grant Requirements Information

To begin the grant application process or update an existing application, please complete the form on this page. Your information will be securely stored after creating a username and password.

Maximizing the Impact of Grant Funds

At Yellow Brick Road, we are committed to ensuring the optimal use of our grant funds. Upon completion of funded projects, grantees will be asked to provide feedback on how the grant funds were utilized and the outcomes achieved. Detailed instructions will be provided in the grant award letter.

Thank you for your dedication to creating positive change in Monterey County. We look forward to receiving your grant applications and working together to make a lasting impact in our community. 

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Make a Difference

Support Our Mission Through Generous Donations

Your generosity has the power to fuel our Grants Program at Yellow Brick Road, enabling us to provide crucial educational opportunities to deserving organizations in our community. By donating quality, gently used items such as clothing, linens, home goods, books, media, furniture, art, and frames, you directly contribute to our mission of empowering those in need. Drop off your donations at our designated locations during specific hours or take advantage of our convenient pick-up services for larger items.